Arab Film Fest Collab 2020 — Part 1

“Representing Diaspora” A Short Film Program Review

A boy sits with a plate of food in front of him.
Photo credit: Foued Mansour

“Rosa”, 2020 Directed by Suha Araj

A close up image of a woman with curly hair looking beyond the camera.
Photo credit: Zelmira Gainza

“Ahmed’s Song”, 2018 Directed by Foued Mansour

An older man sits in a cafe reading a newspaper.
Photo credit: Foued Mansour

“Under The Safe Sky”, 2019 Directed by Ali Kadhum

A man and a woman ride a bike, smiling.
Photo credit: Ali Kadhum
A woman walks down a hallway, two men look in her direction.
Photo credit: Latifa Said

“La Chambre”, 2019 Directed by Latifa Said

“We’re Back!”, 2019 Directed by Moheb Soliman

“The Seven Villages”, 2020 Directed by Farah Abou Kharroub

An illustrative drawing of a woman holding a child.
Photo credit: Farah Abou Kharroub

“Holding Fire”, 2019 Directed by Hana Elias & Eleonore Voisard

A woman in a hijab stands amongst a crowd of women holding signs during a protest or gathering.
Photo credit: Hana Elias & Eleonore Voisard

“Short Shorts”, 2019 Directed by Karina Adriana Dandashi

“Immigrant At Home”, 2020 Directed by Sufian Abulohom

A woman sits with her finger to her mouth.
Photo credit: Fatima Alfulaij

“Tabbouleh & Pie”, 2019 Directed by Ja’far ‘Abd al-Hamid

“Syrialism”, 2020 Directed by Dalia Al Kury

The profile of a woman with “Frayed Roots” overlaying the image.
Photo credit: Nay Tabbara

“Frayed Roots”, 2020 Directed by Nay Tabbara

“Habib”, 2020 Directed by John Rizkallah

In large text the copy reads “Arab Film Fest Collab” and in smaller text it reads “Dec 3–13 2020”
Photo credit: Arab Film Fest Collab 2020

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